Bloodworth Media Top 10 Drone Captures

Bloodworth Media Top 10 Drone Captures

Over the years, I have captured thousands of shots from my drone devices. Unfortunately, I have been through numerous drones, as well. Such is life. At this point, my drone has traveled with me all across the country. You name it: Denver, New York City, Las Vegas, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Los Angeles, Venice Beach, and many more places. On an external hard drive, I have 300 GB just of drone photos and videos. Thus, I wanted to break down my all-time favorite shots. After scanning through my old Instagram posts (@bloodworthmedia) and this hard drive, I have broken it down to my 10 favorite shots. The ranking goes from least favored, to most favored.

#10: Boone Trace, Tennessee

This shot was taken a half-mile away on the road cars park at to swim in this rock quarry.

#9: Santa Monica Pier at Sunrise (facing southwest)

On this particular trip, we had an Airbnb no more than 2 blocks away from the Santa Monica Pier. I couldn’t help myself from waking up early to get a sunrise shot.

#8: Batman Building Vert

One of the first shots I ever captured on a drone. This drone actually couldn’t take vertical shots (like most of favorites). Nonetheless, this straight-down shot captured excellent perspective.

#7: Droneception

This one was tricky. I was alone. Yet, I pulled this off. I lifted off my Phantom Pro 4 and brought it up to the desired position. Following that, I unplugged my phone from the Pro 4 and then plugged it into the Mavic Pro 2. At that point, I flew up and captured this gem.

#6: Snowcapped Viridian Overlooking Nashville

This shot was taken during a snowstorm in February of 2018

#5: Belmont University captured in its fall glory

I’m extremely glad I captured this shot back in the fall of 2017. Every time I look at it I get lost in the pungent orange scattered across its canvas.

Drone shot above Belmont University

#4: Boone Trace, Tennessee From Up Above

Drone in Boone Trace

#3: Post-February Snowstorm

Taken the following morning after the storm from #6

#2: Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California

Taken over fall break last year while creating a CA-themed video.

Drone over Griffith Observatory

#1: Veridian Overlooking Nashville

I just love the color composition here. It was a beautiful fall day and I feel like I jump back to that day every time I look at this shot.

Drone Above Nashvilles Viridian


Let me know your favorite shot in the comments!


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  1. Dana White says:

    They are all fantastic ! Hard to choose a favorite ?

  2. Kay Staten says:

    #2 Griffith my favorite!!! Videos with it great!!

  3. Marianne Bell says:

    My favorite is #5! I love a beautiful college campus and this shows the colors and beauty of Belmont!

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